Angelina Jolieís Dazzling Emerald Earrings

Angelina Jolie Emerald Earrings

We can all agree that Angelina Jolie looked fantastic at the red carpet of the recently held Academy Awards. But, right now Iím not going to talk about her black Elie Saab gown. What were very eye-catching in her whole get-up were the emerald teardrop earrings. The pair was a genuine Lorraine Schwartz 115 carat earring, with the emeralds set on gold. I donít anyone missed out those amazingly vivid ear-pieces of hers. Although she wore minimal makeup, her eyes seemed to glow a more vivid green, competing with the earrings.

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Oscars 2009 - Red Carpet Designer Gowns

Last night my eyes were about to pop out because of the numerous eye-catching gowns that the beautiful celebrities wore on the red carpet of The 2009 Oscars.
There were so many designs and colors!
Black was very dominant and as the saying goes Black is the king of colors!
So, if you go for the right design in black, you've scored sky-high points!

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Would You Wear a Plant?

living necklace by paula hayes

When one says 'Necklace', you would naturally think of gold, silver, pearls or diamonds! But you'd never think of hanging little plants on your neck, would you?
Well, if you'd like to go boldly where no one has gone before, and you'd carry a bit of nature with you, you'll have to get yourself the latest 'Living Necklace' by Paula Hayes!

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51st Grammys Best Dressed

best dress at the 51st grammys

The red carpet of the 51st Grammy awards last week, dazzled with celebrities and stars who looked their best -and some their worst- in designer gowns and dresses.
I thought there were three who really topped the list of the Best Dressed and they are, Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry!

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Sweet Looking Olivia Open Back Pump by LV

Louis Vuitton Olivia Open Back Pump

I love Louis Vuitton! This brand just never fail to amaze me with its products that I canít help but drool over. The latest find that I drooled over is the Olivia Open Back Pump. When I looked at it, I knew itís the perfect footwear to go with the season...well, you know itís the season of love. This footwear is a very feminine one as you can see in the vampís colorful floral print.

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Katie Holmes Perfect for Miu Miu Spring 2009

katie holmes for miu miu

It was back in November that Katie Holmes was announced to be the new face of Miu Miu's Spring/ Summer 2009 campaign.
Now, the ads are out and Katie shows us that she's the perfect woman to deliver Miu Miu's message! Although many were skeptics!

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Celebrate Valentines with Diamonds

Tiffany diamonds

No one can dispute that most women are romantics. They relish special days like birthdays, anniversaries, and the special day in the love month, Valentineís Day. Though everyday is a special for two people who are in love, the vibes or the mood is still different if itís Valentineís Day. So, husbands and boyfriends, this is the perfect time to reaffirm your love and devotionÖ and what better way to say it than with diamonds? Diamonds are forever so, make her a gift of the Tiffany Heartsí pendant ($950) made with round brilliant diamonds set on platinum with 16Ē chain.

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Kylie Minogue Couture: A Bottle of Elegance


I love Kylie Minogue ever since her ďCanít Get You out of My HeadĒ days. Aside from being a great singer and performer sheís also a refined and elegant lady. She tries to bottle up that elegance in her fifth fragrance Ė Couture. The last time she launched a new perfume was back in 2006. Whatís to look forward to in the new Kylie Minogue Couture? A captivating aroma of amarena cherry, lemon flower and vintage violet capture oneís interest at first sniff.

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Martha Washington in a Different Light

Martha Washington high heels shoe

Most of the time people accept history as it is written in books, no questions and no doubts; but not in the case of Martha Washington, the very first First Lady of the United States. She has always been described as a boring, frumpy, and fat lady; however, all that are about to change. The sequined purple silk high heels that she wore on her wedding to George Washington, have another story to tell. During her time, those shoes were the height of fashion during her time. The said shoes will be displayed for the first time at Mount Vernon, Virginia.

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Silvery High Ombre Logo Wedge by Fendi

Silvery High Ombre Fendi Wedge

Wedge sandals are still pretty much the ďinĒ thing these days. Well, I donít think they will ever go out of style. Fendiís High Ombre Logo Wedge is something special if you need new wedge anytime soon. Thatís if you have a taste for silvery footwear because this piece is like silverwork at its best.

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Charlize Theron Brown Studded Handbag

charlize theron handbag

Studded bags are just never out of fashion! I don't think a studded bag could ever look ugly!
I came across this photo of Charlize Theron the other day and i couldn't help but notice her handbag.
It's huge, brown and studded! the perfect combination for the perfect handbag in my opinion!
So, i started searching for that handbag in efforts to find it's brand, i thought maybe Prada, but couldn't home-in on the exact one.
I found similar ones though, that can be just as fine!

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A Heart-Full of Rubies Watch from LV

Louis Vuitton Heart-Full of Rubies Watch

Hey guys! Have you picked out the perfect Valentines gift for your sweetheart? The Tambour Bijou Rubies Heart with red alligator strap watch is something that will surely be appreciated. It sure will since it costs $15,600! But, nothing is too god for the one you love, right?

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