Aretha Franklinís Hat is Making Waves!

Aretha Franklin hat

Aside from new First Lady Michelle Obamaís great fashion sense during the Inauguration, there is also a new trend thatís making waves right now. Its spread is practically viral! Care to guess what it is? It also started from the Inauguration. It is no other than Aretha Franklinís hat! If you were able to watch her sing ďMy Country, Tis of TheeĒ you canít miss the huge bow-tie bejeweled hat sitting atop her head. Right after her performance, everyone wanted to own one!

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Heart on Foot with Melissa Slingbak Sandal

Melissa Slingbak Sandal

Emotional people wear their hearts on their sleeves, we all know about this trivia. But how about people wearing their hearts on their feet? I donít think so. Well, anyone who fancies and buys this Melissa Lady Dragon Slingback Sandal might be the first.

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Michelle Obama Chic in Isabel Toledo Dress

michelle obama dress

Michelle Obama became the first African American First Lady today in a chic and stunning mustard colored Isabel Toledo design.
Michelle paired her chic dress with green Jimmy Choo pumps and green gloves.
Everyone was waiting what Michelle is going to chose for this important and historic day!
I think her choice was on the dot, just the classy that a first lady needs to be!

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Victoria Beckham in Giorgio Armani Lingerie

victoria for giorgio armani

Victoria Beckham is the face -and body- of Giorgio Armani's latest lingerie line.
Posh signed a whopping $15 million deal to model Giorgio Armani lingerie until 2012!
The ads have finally dropped and Victoria looks sizzling hot in the black and white shots.

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Incoming Spring Trend: Ripped Denim

Ripped Denim

It is January already. Arenít you curious what will be the trend this spring? Iím not sure about you but I heard ripped jeans are making a come back. Some of you might say that ripped jeans belong to the eighties. Nevertheless, todayís generation seems to have a liking for it. This time itís not just any denim, itís ripped denim with style! Some celebrities have already caught on. In fact, there were some snapshots of Lauren Conrad, Kate Beckinsale, and Nicole Richie sporting stylish ripped skinny jeans. Emma Roberts and Cameron Diaz also wore the trend a few months back.

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Versace Resin Link Bracelet: Bold and Beautiful!

versace bracelet

Be bold. Be beautiful. I canít recall where Iíve read this slogan but, this is applicable I think to anyone who wants to wear Versaceís Resin Link Bracelet. Itís a very beautiful accessory that will not be missed out by anyone. This is the perfectly bold accessory for sleeveless tops and dresses. Emphasis will only be given to its beautiful workmanship when worn in the bare length of the wrist. And speaking of workmanship, this Resin Link Bracelet is composed of resin-coated oval links. The attractive center piece is the round, multifaceted stone which seem to blink when light strikes its surface.

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Kate Winslet: Elegant in Black

Kate Winslet black dress

The Golden Globe Awards night has come and gone. The winners are probably still celebrating, can hardly believe their luck this year; while losers are still home licking their wounds. One thing that wonít easily be forgotten about that night is the fashion statement made by celebrities. Kate Winslet definitely wonít forget that night. Aside from taking home two Golden Globe awards Kate also took home the privilege of being one of the best dressed celebrities on the red carpet. In my opinion she really looked good that night in her simple strapless Yves Saint Laurent gown. Wonít you agree with me?

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Enjoy the Classic Beauty of this Fabergť Watch

Fabergť Watch

Howíd you like a Fabergť? No, not a Fabergť egg but a watch! I always associate the name Farbergť with precious gems made like an egg. Didnít know this brand also makes watches. A very feminine watch I would recommend is the Anastasia M1008-OT watch.

The blue pattern and design is exquisite! Making it such a precious thing to have are 86 diamonds adorning the face and connecting points of the watch. White gold is the material used o the whole watch.

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Bermuda by Michael Kors

michael kors island bermuda

Bermuda is the latest fragrance by Michael Kors.
It's the fifth in his Island series after Island, Island Fiji, Island Hawaii and Island Capri.
The fragrance balances between a floral breeze and a woody whiff with a combination of the following notes and more:

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Kate Hudson Dazzles in Shimmering Green!

kate hudson green dress

Kate Hudson lit up the Ed Sullivan Theater a couple of nights ago as she showed up for a recording of The Late Show with David Letterman.
Kate showed up in a shimmering, sequined, green, body-hugging, short and backless dress!
It's so simple yet breathtaking and it takes you back a few years ... sometime in the 60's or 70's, don't you think so?

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