Michelle Obama Tops Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List

michelle obama

Every year Vanity Fair releases a list of who they think are the best dressed celebrities, socialites and even political figures. Maybe for this year you again expect the top rank to be occupied by celebrities like Angelina Jolie or maybe Sarah Jessica Parker. You’d be very wrong if that is what you think. Vanity Fair chose Barrack Obama’s wife and possible future First Lady Michelle Obama! The comment they gave? “Because she’s our commander in sheath!” Well, this is the first time that Vanity Fair did not choose a Hollywood celebrity as its winner in the International Best Dressed List.

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Christian Siriano Launches New Collection for Bluefly

Christian Siriano collection

Several months has already passed since Project Runway Season 4 ended. So, what has champion Christian Siriano been up since then? Well, this guy was not wasting his time and the opportunity given to him. He had been busy making his collection. In fact the new Christian Siriano collection is out already and you can grab it at Bluefly, exclusively. The collection is selling like hotcakes which indicate that many have been anticipating Christian Siriano’s creations. But I must say that not all can afford his collection since prices range from $96 to $590.

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Tara Reid Looking Good in Green

Tara Reid in green dress

While browsing the web and finding out what some celebrities are up to, I stumbled across this photo of Tara Reid. Being a party girl that she is, I guess her sense of style cannot be faulted. Just take a look at this green dress she wore at the 2008 Hale Bob “Summer of Love” party at club Falcon in Hollywood. The green dress that she wore had a wide neckline and the hem only reached mid-thigh. The color is just stunning and made even more eye-catching by the gold accents at the neckline and the sleeves. She also wore a gold belt with it. It looked perfect on her body and it looks worthy to be our Dress of the Week. I couldn’t find who the dress’ designer was though. Anyway, Tara paired it up perfectly with open-toe gold sandals and gold bracelet.

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Patrick Dempsey Joins Avon for Unscripted

Patrick Dempsey and Avon

Avon is launching a new perfume this fall. But contrary to what you’re thinking, this upcoming fragrance is not for women but for men. And the new men’s perfume is called Patrick Dempsey Unscripted. Avon developed this perfume together with esteemed actor Patrick Dempsey. Patrick thanks his wife Jillian, an Avon consultant, for opening up the chance to create his own cologne line with Avon. He was involved one hundred percent in making the perfume particularly with the name, notes and the packaging. His cologne is a mixture of fresh aromatic cardamom, black cracked peppercorn, crisp lavender and fig. Dempsey found it fun because he and his wife toiled side by side in making the perfume.

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Super-Stylish Monogramouflage Lys by Louis Vuitton

lv mono bag

It’s great to shop when there are new arrivals in any shop. One of the exciting brands to shop about in is Louis Vuitton. A new bag has just arrived for you. The Monogramouflage Lys is a new and very chic bag you’d die to have. Monogramouflage Lys is the end product of Louis Vuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami’s efforts. Serving as inspiration in making this piece is Murakami’s “Magic Ball.” The outcome of this collaboration is the bag made of denim canvas with leather trim with attractive shiny golden brass hardware.

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Shape that Body with Victoria’s Secret Invisible Shaping Bra

Victoria Secret Invisible Shaping Bra

Every woman should have at least one strapless bra in her wardrobe. There will always a situation that will call for its use like when wearing a strapless dress or tube where a bra’s straps have no right to show. But sometimes a strapless bra is just as bad as your regular bra because it has a tendency to bunch up. If you don’t want this kind of hassle the perfect solution for you is Victoria’s Secret Invisible Shaping Bra. It is totally without straps making it ideal to wear in a tube or backless dress. It can give shape minus the uncomfortable and unpleasant bunching. The Invisible Bra is actually made up of self-adhesive silicone bra cups that would feel comfortable next to your skin. It even has a natural look and feel, so it won’t feel like you have an obstruction on your chest.

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Keep a Cozy Fire Burning with Fire Burners Set

fire burners set

The fireplace in your living creates a cozy ambiance that even an ordinary evening can be turned into a special one if there’s fire glowing in it. However, that romantic touch is only confined in the living room since you can’t transfer it to another location in the house. Now, the Fire Burners Set is another matter. This is the perfect accessory if you want to add a touch of romanticism to any outdoor part of your house like your patio or your poolside. The Fire Burner Set is composed of three square burners that are made of zinc and aluminum. And I think they also come with covers to keep them safe when not in use.

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Princess Anne’s Flower-Printed Dress from 27 Years Ago

Princess Anne Dress

If I didn’t see it for myself I wouldn’t believe that royalties also recycle dresses. I thought they’d just wear a dress once in a special occasion and never wear it again. The royalty in focus here is Princess Anne who was cited wearing the same dress she wore to the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer 27 years ago.

She wore the dress again recently at the wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman at the Queen’s Chapel in London. No one can doubt that it is the same dress with its yellow flower prints and so with the hat. The only thing different from her whole outfit were her shoes.

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Avril Lavigne’s Hip and Trendy Clothing Line

Avril Lavigne Hip and Trendy Clothing Line

Another pop star joins the bandwagon of celebrities having their own clothing line. Avril Lavigne now made her own clothing line Abbey Dawn available for teens dying to emulate her style. Wondering why it’s Abbey Dawn? Avril said that it has been her Dad’s nickname for her when she was just a little girl. If you have been dying to copy Avril Lavigne’s style of dressing try the items included in Abbey Dawn. They all look good if I may say so. Teens would surely love to have the cap-sleeved t-shirts with skull prints and fit hoodies having purple and pink zebra prints.

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Look Sexy In Lindsay Lohan Leggings Collection

Lindsay Lohan Leggings Collection

Girls with shapely legs look real sexy with leggings on. One of the celebrities who use leggings often is Lindsay Lohan. So, I guess it comes as no surprise that she launch her own line of leggings. Is she a fan of Marilyn Moroe that is why she named the collection after her birth date “6126”? Hmm, I’m not sure. Anyway her new 6126 leggings collection is already available now online at ShopIntuition.

The collection includes a variety of tights, all of them fashionably and tastefully done. One of the items included is the “Mr. President” legging that features kneepads. I wonder what the kneepads are for, hmm. Most of the leggings in the 6126 collection are footless tights that are made from Supima cotton and modal ribbed knits. There are also different materials used with accessories like zippers, foil prints, yarn dyes and sexy metallic and screen prints.

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Dress Up Your Baby Girl in Lucy Sykes Collection

Lucy Sykes Collection

Make your little girl look like a princess with frock and dresses by Lucy Sykes. Lucy Sykes New York Spring 2008 Girl’s Collection offers a great selection of dresses fit to make your daughter or niece look like a princess. This collection include outfits that belong in belong I three categories namely Spring 2008 Riviera, Spring 2008 English Garden, and Spring 2008 Traveller. The collection not only includes dresses but also shorts and blouses. There are swirly skirts and ruffles that will make your child look adorable. They also come in an array of colors that are so attractive to the eyes - red, pink, blue, yellow, white, green and orange!

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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress!

toilet paper dress

Wedding gowns and dresses are usually very expensive; the material, the hand sewn details and other things give them their pricey tags!
But in an attempt to make the cheapest dress, using the simplest materials at hand, dressmaker Katrina Chalifoux came up with a beautiful dress, that's made all of paper ... not any paper, but toilet paper!
Katrina participated in a contest -Cheap and Chic Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest- for making a wedding gown made of glued toilet paper and nothing else! She came up with a fantabulous design and won $1.000!
It's beautiful but there's one downside to it ... one rip and the gown goes down the toilet!!!

Take on Jessica’s New Fancy

"Image removed by request from the advertising agency that is in charge of advertising Jessica's new fragrance."

Jessica Simpson is really busy these days. Aside from her upcoming country album, this dame has been busy developing her new fragrance. This new fragrance is already ready to be unleashed in the fashion world. Yes, once it’s out you might want to check out Jessica’s new Fancy perfume. Fancy is the product of Jessica’s collaboration with Parlux. The name sounds familiar because it is also the one responsible for Paris Hilton’s scents.

Jessica said that Fancy is a special fragrance that is personal, whimsical, playful and romantic. One of the main ingredients in this scent is Jessica’s favorite - Gardenia. Fancy is exactly as Jessica wanted it to turn out – a fragrance that can be worn in almost any occasion whether it’s gown day or jeans day.

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Crave for Ducati Watches

ducati watch

Is your husband or boyfriend a Ducati motorcycle enthusiast? Then for sure he also loves sporty-looking accessories. You know if he’s looking for a new wrist watch point out to him this new Ducati watches made by Binda. These watches were unveiled in Las Vegas during the JCK Jewelry Show. I’m telling you he’ll surely want these once he sets eyes on them. There are two collections made by Binda – the Ducati One Collection and the Desmo Collection. You have to judge which one looks better based from the samples given. Coming from the Desmo Collection is a handsome-looking watch made in Swiss Ronda 5030 quartz chronograph in 44 mm stainless steel. It has lots of screws around to make it waterproof. This will cost you $1,095.

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