Diorís Jíadore: Love the Scent!

Diorís Jíadore

As humans we are really endowed with senses that we should use to our advantage. The sense of smell in particular is very important, for me anyway since I adore scents! Youíll probably say thatís typical in a woman. Well scents add spice to life. Just imagine what life would be like if we cannot distinguish the different aromas wafting in the air. And it would be a great loss if we canít experience a perfume like this Jíadore Eau de Parfum from Dior, a perfume thatís truly an embodiment of pure femininity. Its scent exudes fruity and floral boquet that will make you think of magnificent and mysterious things.

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Louis Vuitton Creates The Ultimate Travel Bag


Bags have become very indispensable. And you know for a fact that bags nowadays come in a variety of styles that youíd get dizzy choosing one for yourself sometimes. Different occasions call for different kinds of bags right? For traveling purposes Louis Vuitton could have the answer to all our travel bag needs with the announcement that they have come up with the ďUltimate Travel BagĒ. This ďUltimate Travel BagĒ came into fruition in cooperation with Times of London Fashion Editor Lisa Armstrong.

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Fashion Disaster by Steven Rosengard

A lot has happened once again in your favorite reality fashion show Project Runway. After Chris was eliminated from the show because of the Tiki Barber challenge, another contestant left the show in tears Ė Jack Mackenroth. Contrary to what you might be thinking, Jack was not eliminated; he exited the show because of a really bad infection on his face. So in the middle of the new challenge of creating an outfit for the everyday woman, and with a quick group hug, Jack exits the show. But with Jackís exit, one eliminated contestant returns Ė welcome back Chris March! Yes, heís back again on the show!

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Write Memories in Steuben Glass Bowl and Beaker

Steuben Glass Bowl and Beaker

Itís Christmas holidays again! Festive spiritís in the air and for sure there will be lots of parties this coming holiday. Maybe even as I write, some are already holding some pre-holiday gatherings. And even though I am not very keen about parties, I make holidays like Christmas an exception. This is the best time to make memories. Pictures are the usual memento for these events, so what could you do to make your party not so ordinary? Well, making your guests sign on the Signature Bowl using the Sterling Silver Scribe from Steuben Glass would make it more memorable. Then for more thereís also the festive Signature Beakers to let them sign on.

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Design Your Own Clothes at StyleShake

Styleshake Clothes

When I have time I also like to sketch dress designsÖ Iím not good at all in sketching, I just do it for fun. And itís nice to see the outcome of my efforts. Iím sure there are some of you out there who do the same. So Iíd like to share with you this new site that lets you explore further on this hobby of yours. StyleShake lets you take your ability further by creating real dress designs and fitting them on virtual mannequins to see their effect.

The site contains a catalog of the different styles for the neckline, bodice cut, color, sleeves, waist panel and sleeves. But first things first, you need to register and be a member in order to be able to create a design and store it in your own profile. Being a member also allows you to browse other usersí designs, rate them or leave comments.

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Nicole Kidman's Silver Suit ... Love it or Hate it?

nicole kidman silver suit

Nicole Kidman always looks stunning on the red carpet ... her gowns are trendy, classy and top notch!
She could never be in a Fashion Disaster post! Never!
Nicole Kidman wore something quiet different on the red carpet of the Australian premiere of "The Golden Compass" ... She chose a suit, a silver suit!
From far, the suit looks like a big piece of tin foil! Don't you think so?
But really, Nicole's got everything in perfect place and always looks chic.
What do you think of her silver suit? Love it or Hate it?

Thumbs Up or Down for Marc Jacobís Patchwork Eugenie?

Marc Jacob bag

Iíve been looking for a new wallet for quite some time now but I just canít seem to find the right one. I want something thatís spacious enough to hold bills, coins as well as cards. And of course it should be stylishly done without being flamboyant. Usually I like my things to be stylish yet in a subdued manner. Do you think this Patchwork Eugenie from Marc Jacobs Collection fits the bill? I like its texture on the outside especially the embossed patchwork pattern. Itís soft to the touch because the material that makes it up is shiny, grained leather.

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Carrie In Her Egyptian Inspired Dress


Iím beginning to be really great admirer of Carrie Underwood! Not only does she have a talent in singing, she also has a great taste in fashion! I say so because in several events that sheís been seen she always seems to outshine others with the kind of outfits she wears. She usually favors the gold, and skin tone type of colors, which I think are quite becoming on her. But I must say that red is also her color. She looked great in this red dress that she was wearing at the ďMovies Rock 2007Ē event at the Kodak Theater Hollywood.

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Piper-Heidsieck Rose Sauvage by Viktor & Rolf

Piper-Heidsieck Rose Sauvage

The brand Viktor & Rolf would never be associated with the ordinary. Nope, definitely not as evident in their design collections and fashion shows. The Viktor & Rolf characteristics when combined with another excellent product will certainly be a winner. Famed French champagne brand Piper-Heidsieck seems to think so too when they asked the designing duo to make a unique design for the limited edition of Rose Sauvage. Viktor and Rolf did not disappoint because the resulting product is something that you canít ignore! If you havenít seen champagne with an inverted design, now you can with the limited edition Piper-Heidsieck Rose Sauvage.

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Red Skinny Jeans ... Love it or Hate it?

red skinny jeans

It's the holiday season and we love to dress up for it.
Red sweaters, mistletoe earrings, red & green checkered skirt, dark green knitted jacket ...
But Katie Holmes decided to wear red skinny jeans for the occasion.
Katie was out gift shopping in L.A. and was spotted wearing the red jeans paired up with a grey turtle-neck and black knitted jacket.
What do you think of this look? Do you love it or hate it?
Would you wear red skinny jeans for Christmas? ... Hmm ... I would!

Hot Crankypants for Baby!

Baby Crankypants

Babies and toddlers are already cute in themselves. With just a flash of their small teethÖthatís if he or she already has themÖyou canít help but hug and kiss them, right? These little kiddos are made even more adorable if you make them wear cute outfits. Thereís a saying that goes, ďClothes make the manĒ, well then that goes for babies too! While browsing the web I came across this one cool outfit for your toddler. Itís the Crankypants thatís so very much in demand at the present time. Theyíre delightful and would just look so good on your baby. Crankypants by Amy Kett comes in different designs like monster face, sock monkey or Jolly Roger. But if you want something really unique and different color combinations Amy Kett also accepts custom orders.

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Project Runway: Chris March Goes Home

After Carmen was eliminated because of the not up to the standard three-piece suit that was meant for guest judge Tiki Barber, another contestant is tossed out of the reality show. The latest to go home is Chris. It was a tense moment as Chris and Ricky waited for the verdict as to who will leave and who will continue with the challenge. Finally it was Chrisí time to say bye to the show.

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A Pair of Causse Golden Gloves

Causse Golden Gloves

Thereís no doubt winter has a way of freezing up things that you need. Itís even harder and more inconvenient if itís already those vital body parts that are becoming frozenÖlike your hands. And we all know how important our hand are that is why they need to be well protected and insulated to prevent getting frostbite. To mix protection and style hereís a great-looking and literally eye-catching gloves. This stylish number is created by popular French glove-maker Causse.

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2007 Biggest Fashion Trends ... Hot or Not?

2007 biggest trends

2007 is about to be 'last year' ... and there were so many fashion trends that were 'Must-Haves' ... but were they all that fantastic? Were they all to your liking?
Here are the biggest fashion trends of 2007 ... check them out and let me know which of them were really hot and which were not!

The first biggie in 2007 were the white sunglasses; big and white. Stars like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton wore them. But did you?
Then there was the pencil skirt; it's down to the knee and slim. It actually makes any figure look good! If you add a studded belt to it, you give it a nice twist too. Stars like Angelina Jolie were seen wearing the pencil skirt quiet a lot!
But ... did you?
Then there was the Gladiator sandals ... I love they way those look, but the ones i tried on, were uncomfortable! Did you wear these this summer? Stars like Mischa Barton and Kate Hudson did.

More trends after the jump!

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