Fall 2007 Handbags

fall 2007 leather bags

Big bags are THE bags this fall.
You gotta update your handbags ... go for huge, leather ones. Look for cute details; brass studs, leather bows or chain accessories.
The color doesn't matter, don't worry too much about it ... black, dark brown, red brown or tan, they're all good.
But why not go for something different this time? Why not try a new color, say ... silver!?
Silver is one of the trendiest colors this fall ... if you think of it, it goes with everything! It says 'COOL'!
Oh! Take my advice:
If you find a real expensive bag & you just fall in love with it ... Don't think too much & buy it!!!

Beads Candle Holder To Touch Up Your Home


I love beads! But it’s sad to say that I don’t have any beaded décor at home or even in my room…There is just something so appealing about beads. I especially like the hanging curtain beads but it won’t be practical. If you’re looking for something to enhance your room or any niche around your home and at the same time serve for a practical purpose, the how about a stylish candle holder? The Rectangular Candle Holder with 3 Glass Holders is a treasure to behold…and would definitely look good in any area you place it on.

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Comfort in Tod’s Holiday Zip Front Flat

Tod’s Holiday Zip Front Flat

My favorite flat step-in just gave out yesterday and I feel kind of sad because it has been my sort of companion wherever I went. Oh, well it can’t really be helped… Anyway, it’s just an indication that I have to look for a new flat footwear if I want ease and comfort for my feet. Browsing I found something I liked, it’s Tod’s Holiday Zip Front Flat. Primarily, I like its look…quite casual, not loud in color and I think very nice feel to the feet. Well, that’s my impression at a glance…

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Clip On Swarovski’s Draped Clip Earrings

Swarovski’s Draped Clip Earrings

There are still some of us who don’t have pierced ears. Maybe you’re one of us that by the time you decided to have your ears pierced you have this fear of possible pain arising from it. Don’t have pierced ears but want to wear earrings? Then you’ll have to choose the clip earrings. And it doesn’t have to be just any clip earring when there is the Draped Clip Earrings from Swarovski! If you love Swarovski and their crystals then you’ll love these Draped Clip Earrings.

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Don’t Buy, Just Rent Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes

It’s amazing how babies grow so fast. Its like at first glance they’re just these tiny adorable and helpless creatures but in the next look they can already walk and run around. Because of this sometimes it is impractical to buy so many baby clothes that will just be outgrown in just a short time! German Lutte-Leihen has come up with the perfect solution for parents who want to save up on their budget in buying baby clothes. They offer baby clothes rental service for a monthly fee.

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Fall 2007 Fashion Must-Haves

fall 2007 must haves

Fall is only a few weeks away ... so, what are the trends & must-haves of the season? What items should you never be without this September?
On a 'color' level, the colors that will make you stand out in a crowd & be noticed as unique, are the stunning cobalt, the funky fuschia & the royal degrees of purple; the ever-so-beautiful plum, amethyst & aubergine.

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Jessica Simpson Fall 2007 Collection

jessica simpson fall collection

Jessica Simpson might not be a good actress, but she sure knows what she's doing when it comes to her clothing line!
Her shoe line is sexy, her swimwear is cute & now, her Fall 2007 Collection is great & totally trendy!
The handbags are unbelievable ... big & just right!
The clothes are perfect -at least for me they are- ... I love the jeans, which are comfy & give the wanted shape!
The sweaters are sleek & sexy ... just perfect for that cold breeze in fall.

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Design-Challenged Fontanelli Ladybug Shoulder Bag

Ladybug Shoulder Bag

Want to be sassy and classy at the same time? Of course you do! But how can you be that if the bag you have hanging over your shoulder is something like this Aqua Ladybug Italian Calf Leather Shoulder Bag? I must say that the only thing I like about this item is the color...very soft mint green, quite relaxing to the eyes. But the design? Huh, I’m not so sure. In just one look the bag definitely looks just like an overly fat bug and I’m not even sure how you can open this thing and put your things inside. But if you really go for the unusual maybe this bag by Fontanelli is something that will suit you.

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Amber Ankle Strap Sandal by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Amber Strap Sandal

Previously, whenever I see super slim and pointed stiletto heels I can’t help worrying for the person wearing them because I think they can be unstable at times… Just imagine the kind of balancing you have to endure when walking on stilettos. However, if it’s a stiletto-heeled footwear like this Amber Ankle Strap Sandal by Louis Vuitton hey you can bribe me! I’d love to wear it no matter how hard it would be to walk in them. I think the prime highlight of this elegant sandal is the satin orchid accessory with the finely crafted LV logo at the center. Its quite eye-catching, don’t you think so?

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A Touch of Class with Sydney Console Table

Sydney Console Table

How would imagine a house without tables? Quite hard to picture huh? Tables have been a part of our lives since day 1 and it would be hard to live without even just one. Tables are there for eating, studying and a whole lot of activities…But do you know that a table can also be a great item for accentuating your home? Like this Sydney Console Table. Its half-moon design is somewhat unusual, but this design has been custom-made in order to be just the perfect accent to your entry hall or foyer.

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Bounce To Make Your Baby Comfy

Bounce collection from Nurseryworks

I have a colleague who’s having a baby and she’s going to deliver soon. She’s one of the to-be-mothers who are so excited about seeing her little angel. Mothers and parents in general only want the best for their kids, especially for their newborn babies. Baby’s sleeping area has to be clean and downy all the time. An excellent choice to make your baby comfortable is Bounce from Nurseryworks. Bounce is no ordinary bay sheet because it is more sophisticated, modern and colorful.

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Try On Some Floral Fashion

There is always something appealing about the floral print dresses…always think that this kind of dress never goes out of style. No matter what the season, a floral dress will always be a refreshing sight on a person. And it’s not only us, ordinary folks who favor floral print dresses but celebrities and well-known personalities as well, like Kate Middleton. Being Prince William’s girlfriend places her on the spotlight each time. She seems like a simple girl as reflected in the red floral dress she was seen wearing at one time.

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Adorn your Finger with Diorette Yellow Gold Ring

Diorette Yellow Gold Ring

It is always great to see flowers all around. Personally I love open fields with flowers blooming in their varied splendor. It’s always great to see flowers in their natural setting, but it is even better if you can wear them right? Now you’ll have a chance to do so with the Diorette Yellow Gold Ring…provided you have $5,550! Yes, this ring is that costly. Quite understandable since it is made of genuine precious stones like the 0.04-carat diamond, 0.95 carat amethyst, 18K yellow gold that weighs 19.50 grams. All of these are carefully handcrafted and assembled in order to come up with a perfect whole.

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After the Battle, Emerges “Shiloh”

Shiloh…an unusual name right? And one that’s full of controversy. All people in the world know that this is the name of Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s baby. But aside from being a baby’s name, Shiloh will be the name of an upcoming fragrance made by Symine Salimpour and her company Hors La Monde. A few months back Angelina filed a notice of opposition in the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office in order to protect her baby’s name. But after 5 months of legal battle, Symine Salimpour can now proceed with the completion of “Shiloh” as Angelina discontinued the legal challenge.

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