Sexy Summer Jelly Flip Flops!

jelly flip flops

Flip Flops are cool ... but they have all become the same! Why not try something new this summer?
If you got your hands on flip flops that are sexy, fresh, cool & fun ... wouldn't that be fantastic?
This summer, get yourself a pair or two of 'Jelly' flip flops; they're everything fun in one simple & colorful thing, that's also trendy & cheap!
They combine the design & quality & comfort of any other leather sandal, but they've got brightness as a unique feature, perfect for summer.

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A Healthy Skin Glow for Summer

glowing skin

Human skin is a very precious part of the body because of the fact that it holds everything together. The skin also plays a big part in a personís beauty and good looks. A person with a healthy-looking skin will no doubt elicit great admiration from almost anyone. Your skin and the summer sun, yes these two go together just like summer and sunburn. During the summer sunburns have a way of occurring no matter how careful you are, but itís always good to observe some tips that will be useful in maintaining a healthy glow to your skin.

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Reminisce with Angel Caprice de Starís Sweet Bouquet

Angel Caprice de Star

Shoppers usually base their decisions on what they see that is why in all products excellent packaging is very important. The image of that specific product is what will make the shopper gravitate towards it and check out what it has to offer. Well, correct me if Iím wrong of course. But this is what happened when I saw this Angel Caprice de Star perfume made by Thierry Mugler. The bottle itself is really unique, really shaped like a star from the base of the bottle up to its cap. It makes me think of the perfectly shaped star you put on top the Christmas tree every Christmas. Oh, what nostalgia! And speaking of nostalgia, Angel Caprice de Star will bring back childhood memories to you with its essence.

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Sophisticated Veronica Black velvet and Gold Necklace

Veronica Black velvet and Gold Necklace

I heard someone say that black is beautiful and I agree, especially when it comes to dresses and accessories. I think that black is the hue that exudes sophistication. Thatís why this Veronica Black Velvet and Gold Charm Necklace looks really appealing to me, probably youíll find it fantastic as well. Itís a high fashion taste and will definitely make people stare. This necklace is just the right combination of black and gold; the gold cutting off the severity of black.

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Faith Hill in a Grecian Style Gown at the ACM Awards

Faith Hill in a Grecian Style Gown

Another star-studded event has recently transpired at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It was awards time once again for the country music partakers as May 15 marked the day of the 42nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. As you can expect the events was again flooded with stars wearing all kinds of fashion styles. Well, clear the way for country singer Faith Hill whoís wearing this heavenly-looking gown. I think itís actually silver gray gown made in a Grecian style that leaves one shoulder bare and coming to meet at the other shoulder. The length is just perfect for her tall frame, the hem just reaching her ankles. I just love its style especially the folds and sort of crinkles all over it, but I couldnít find out who designed that particular dress for her.

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T-strap Espadrille Sandal for Summer

T-strap Espadrille Sandal

I just canít get enough of sandals for footwear. Even though I canít buy and wear all of the ones that take my fancy I still love looking at them. Personally, I think that there is nothing sexier on a woman than wearing sandals and showing off the curvaceous lines of her legs. Itís especially just right for this summer when the wind is so sultry and warm, certainly you wonít want your feet to be all enclosed in a closed shoes. For this summer, espadrille sandals are one of the best choices for you.

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Islamic Dress With a Little Spice!

It seems there has become a new fad started by Muslim and Arab girls who have immigrated to Europe to wear Islamic dress with a bit of spice. These girls will wear tight jeans along with a long blouse and cover their heads with a hat. These girls claim that mainstream clothing retailers are starting to make clothes inspired by the Muslim dress code, apparently the idea of long blouses and multi-layered clothing etc. is how the ĎWesterní retailers blended their clothes with our tradition.

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Grande Vases for a Grand-looking Home

It seems like I have been on the countdown for Motherís Day for days now. Well, in just 3 days time itís going to be that special day for mom. Have a gift for her already? Hereís another great idea for you. Itís an excellent gift idea but then it might not be within your budgetÖanyway here it is. These Grande Vases could be IT! If your mom or your wife is has an eye for decors and loves to potter around the house so much she will surely love these Grande Vases. These are breathtaking vases that you can take pride in if you place it in the middle of your living room or any spot where it can be easily seen and admired. This has been carefully handcrafted using techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.

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Sandra Bullock Wears Alberta Ferretti at the Costume Gala

I became an avid fan of Sandra Bullock when I saw her movies, especially Miss Congeniality 1 and 2, which she starred in and produced. Her antics in these movies were just so endearing, well she certainly endeared herself to me in those movies. And during the Metropolitan Museum of Artís Costume Institute Gala last Monday she once again showed her own special glow by wearing a gorgeous fuchsia gown by designer Alberta Ferretti. The gown is just perfect for her figureÖa figure, which Sandra confessed, is the result of a slimming-down process.

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Start-Studded 2007 NYC Costume Institute Gala

Cameron Diaz at the the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala

It is always great to attend shindigs and galas, right? Itís even better if you get to attend the annual Metropolitan Museum of Artís Costume Institute Gala where the hottest and most gorgeous hunks and babes flaunt their assets in gowns and outfits thatís worth almost your yearís salary put together. But anyway last Monday was the time the ladies from Hollywood got together in splendid gowns made by top fashion designers. This yearís theme celebrated designer Paul Poiret who specialized in fashion with shocking colors and exotic designs. Some of the personalities to make their presence known is Jessica Simpson in Roberto Cavalli halter dress that revealed her assets. The Olsen twins were also there Ė May Kate had a feathery black frock on accented by a black belt while Ashley wore an elegant, sleek white gown with a thick black belt.

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Sit Back and Relax with New JCPenney Recliner

JCPenney Recliner

After a very long and hard day at work all we usually want to do is sit back, relax and just let the stress accumulated during the day disappear. Itís even better if you have a superbly relaxing seat like this New JCPenney Recliner. Whether you want to relax in your bedroom or in the living room this Recliner would be an excellent choice. Looking at it makes me just want to sink into its comfortable softness and drift off to sleep. It is big enough to accommodate the large size. It has extra-wide seat plumped with a plush reflex cushion and a cradle-back design for great comfort. This Recliner also offers soothing heat and massage for your back to take away that feeling of stress.

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Get High with CK Euphoria Blossom

Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom

I know a lot of girls love floral fragrances; Iím one of them actually. I just canít get enough of the sweet and flowery scent. So when I saw this Euphoria Blossom from Calvin Klein I simply couldnít resist. The word Euphoria and Blossom made into one product is sure to bring about a great feeling of well-being, inspiration and all good vibes straight from nature. Euphoria Blossom gets inspiration from the fragile quality of a flower coming into its full bloom. Giving it its impression of sparkling freshness and vivacity are pomegranate, dewy green accord, zesty kumquat, orchid, pink peony, blossom, amber and sheer musks.

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New Love Collection by Louis Vuitton

lNew Love Collection

Everyone loves Louis Vuitton! And to add more to that feeling LV recently launched its new collection, aptly names as the LoVe collection. The launch was as grand as you can expect it to be and attended by fabulous people, one of them the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson who hosted the LV party last Thursday night. She was escorted by LV President and CEO Daniel Lalonde. And aside from hosting the party Scarlett Johansson also appears in the latest ads of this Love Collection.

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Feeliní Good with Citrine Bead Drop Necklace

Even if you already have quite a selection of jewelry and accessories, you never close your doors for there is always room for more, right? Especially now that there are always lots of new designs of accessories coming out. So have some room for more? I found this Sterling Silver Citrine Bead Drop Necklace thatís just so adorable! Looking at this necklace, it reminds me of warm sunny daysÖbrings to mind the carefree images of youth. Everything about this necklace shouts of the excellent design, primarily of the citrine beads in its cascading design. All the beads sit on a lustrous sterling silver that drops 18 inches in all.

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