Summer Feeling with Dadadie Brucke Circle Dress

Circle Dress

Summer is just around the corner! You are probably looking for new clothes to fill up your summer wardrobe. But to be practical you donít need to replace the whole lot jus because itís another summer year. Having a warm weather will really make you glad to have an outfit that will not squeeze you up real tight and will give you freedom of movement. If you want to have a real feel of summer you can try on this Circle Dress by Dadadie Brucke.

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Giorgio Armani Not Selling His Fashion Empire

Giorgio Armani

Who hasnít heard of Italian fashion designer Armani? Iím pretty sure you all have. Just the other day, some came out that Giorgio Armani is prepared to sell out his fashion empire, which some estimate could be worth $6.6 billion. At the opening of an Armani exhibition in Milan, it was reported that Giorgio Armani said he was prepared to sell to the highest bidder.

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Black Cheongsam for a Chinese Effect

Black Cheongsam

If you want to experience elegance with a touch of a little something foreign, you can do so with the Black Cheongsam. Having this dress is just very timely, what with the Chinese New Year just starting out. First time I saw this dress I couldnít look away. It is not flashy or overly flamboyant but just completely elegant, especially if you have a social gathering to attend to in the evening. The ankle length design makes it just right. The black and gold combination sets off the elegant tone of this cheongsam.

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Giorgio Armaniís Annual Pre-Oscar Party

Cate Blanchett

Prior to the most awaited and super exciting awards night of the Oscars; some anticipation was also spent in international fashion designer Giorgio Armaniís Pre-Oscars Fashion Show last Saturday night. The venue for this glamour-filled night was the Green Acres estate in Beverly Hills owned by supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle. This event is held annually of course as a form or warm up for the glamour of the Oscars.

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Worst Dresses at The 2007 Oscars

Although stars try their best to look extraordinary on the red carpet for the most important night in Hollywood ... Some of them fail!
Some look stunning & smashing, while other show the world what we shouldn't even try to wear!
Who were the worst dressed actresses during the 2007 Oscars?
Would you say 'Dreamgirl' Jennifer Hudson chose the wrong Oscar de la Renta dress?
Or was Gwyneth Paltrow on the wrong note with her apricot tulle-and-chiffon Zac Posen gown?
Or were the feathers on Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress a tad bit too much?
Or maybe Isla Fisher's green corset gown wasn't fit for an Oscar nigh?

Photos of the worst dresses at the Oscars

worst dresses at the Oscars

Best Dressed Stars at The Oscars

Hollywood stars on the red carpet wearing Versace, Armani & Valentino ... They must look even more stunning with the jewelry!
Who were the best dressed stars at The 2007 Oscars?
Was it Penelope Cruz in her Versace gown? She looked so yummy in that dress with a simple bun & diamond earrings by Chopard.
Was it Cate Blanchett in her Aramani Prive gown? Wow! Shimmering in silver & crystal mesh with beaded tulle & diamonds ... That's a winning combination!
Or could it be Reese Witherspoon? ... Simple hair ... But sophisticated & stunning Nina Richie gown, with 38 carat Van Cleef & Arpels diamond bracelet! Purple is a winning color to me!

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M by Madonna at H&M

Madonna new line of fashion

H&M one of the biggest trendsetters in fashion all over the world now has a stronger ally in getting their product line across the world market. This fashion company now has the hottest and highest earning female performer Madonna on their side. Well, actually this is Madonnaís second time to work with H&M. The new Madonna line of fashion will be going on sale next month.

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Swarovski to Take Center Stage at the Oscars

Swarovski crystal curtain

After the glamorous Grammy Awards, the Academy Awards is now next in line. Everyone knows that the Oscars is one of the most awaited awards for film in the whole world. As another of the most illustrious award-giving celebration, of course this also calls for a unique setting. In this yearís 79th Annual Academy Awards, Swarovski will take center stage, literally! A superbly sparkling Swarovski Crystal Curtain will grace the center of the Academy stage. Aside from the stars presence, this masterpiece curtain will for sure keep the audienceís eyes glued on the stage.

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A Touch of Chinese in the Golden Lace Qi Pao

Golden Lace Qi Pao dress

Last Sunday February 18, 2007 was the beginning of the New Year for the Chinese community. After 600 years this is again the time when the year of the golden pig fell upon us. Well, along with the Chinese New Year comes some Chinese fashion trend that maybe you, even if you are not a Chinese, would like to try on. Take this Golden Lace Qi Pao dress for example. This is a unique and really attractive mandarin style dress thatís designed using silk.

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Pinko Designs Endorsed by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Italian designer label Pinko has a new face to endorse its products. Want to take a guess? Well it is none other than pop diva Mariah Carey! Prior to Mariah other faces that have graced the Pinko stores were those of Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell and Elle Macpherson.

When she flew in for a visit at the Pinko store in Knightsbridge, London she was wearing a pair of jeans made especially for her by Pinko. At the back of the jeans were a gold plate and gold thread at the seams. Very stylish pair of jeans that will for sure be one of the craze as it gets included in the Pinko catalog.

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Plug and Sew On Your New Lashes

Eye Lashes

Thereís a saying that goes ď Your eyes are the windows to your soulĒ. It is true but aside from this and the practical functions of our eyes; they also serve well for beauty. Your eyes are real assets in having great looks. I for one find this part of the anatomy very fascinating.

The eyelashes in particular can do a lot for the eyes. Well, lucky for those who were born with long, thick and curly lashes. But those who have none or so little of it shouldnít fret. Why? Simply because cosmetic surgery has the answer to your problem. Using the so-called ďplug and sewĒ technique, surgeons are now able to provide women with the desired long lashes. As the term implies the hair will actually be sewn into your eyelid piece by piece and once positioned you can just leave them be because they will just grow naturally.

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Be Glamorous with Green Shoulder Duster Chandelier Earrings

Green Shoulder Duster Chandelier Earrings

Well sometimes it is also a good thing to go along with the fashion trend. This way you experience a sort of renewal of your personality. Though following the latest trends should not be too much, just in moderation. Just like in the recently held Grammyís we learned that dangling earrings were a hit. Well, if you want to have a taste and feel of even just a little glamour you should try this Green Shoulder Duster Chandelier Earrings. I know ... is somewhat more elaborate than what you are used to, but it's good to try new accessories sometimes.

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Bon Jovi Unveils New Fragrance for a Cause

Bon Jovi

In my growing up years, Bon Jovi was one of the rockers that I looked up to. The fact that he has an awesome voice and a handsome face to match made him so cool. And just lately, Bon Jovi teamed up with designer Kennneth Cole in a human cause. In order to help the homeless, Bon Jovi released new men’s fragrance collection called R.S.V.P. The launching and auction event was star studded; some of the personalities present were Howard Stern with girlfriend Beth Ostrosky, David Schwimmer, Richie Sambora and Petra Nemcova. Proceeds from the said event brought in $1M for non-profit organizations like the Habitat for Humanity, HELP USA and Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation that help out the homeless.

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Some Celebrity Blings at the Grammy’s

Carrie Underwood

Women nowadays rarely go out without some kind of bling or accessories in their person. It certainly will not do to be without some especially if you have to attend a big event such as the Grammy Awards night. We have some sightings of superb though not really flamboyant jewelry and accessories worn by some of the celebs in the event.

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