Lina Feghali Maalouf, the Abaya Designer

Lina Feghali is a famous designer who is specialized in abayas only. She had always dreamed to be a designer of abayas since her childhood but her dream was postponed a little until she graduated from university where she studied hospitals’ management. She gave up her study and followed her childhood dream.

She first opened her gallery in 1987 and named it “Prestige Liban”. She loved only the designing of abayas because women adore it and it shows the beauty and the feminism of women. She says that the materials of textiles differ from a year to a year and so are the colors that also differ from a country to another.

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Valentine's Jewelry For Your Girl

valentine jewelry

Hey guys! Valentine's is very close ... Did you think of what you're going to get your gal?
Well, here's a lovely idea! Trust me!
Get your love some jewelry this time around ... She'll definitely love you for it!
The trick is to get her a piece that is delicate, symbolic of your love & really cute!
Whether its a necklace, bracelet, earring ... Or if you'd like to venture into the 'ring' zone, go for heart shapes, flowers or angels or even butterflies.
You can also try something cute with a few gemstones or diamonds!
Here are a few suggestions:

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Dolce and Gabbana Fitted Military Jacket

Dolce and Gabbana

Need something more to warm you up in the remaining winter days? Try this D&G Fitted Denim Military Jacket with Novelty Buttons. It’s on sale right now and from its original price of $775, you can now get it for just $309. Though it has become affordable, there is no doubting its quality and superb style. Frankly, I love its whole design with the novelty buttons arranged in a slanting way that shows off your curves. The collar is also just perfect in its rounded notched design.

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CASHAK’s Verdict for 2007’s Best Jeans for Women

CASHAK Magazine Cover

Jeans, jeans and more jeans, yup we certainly see them everywhere! This particular piece of clothing is almost everyone’s favorite since it can deliver comfort, ease as well as style. Well if you are a woman who’s a real jeans enthusiast you’ll be glad to know that fashion editors of CASHAK a new fashion magazine that embraces new thinking and ideas have just released their choices for the best women’s jeans online! Criteria for their selection include style, aesthetic appeal, quality as well as popularity.

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John Varvatos Fall 2007 Men’s Fall Collection to the Runway in Feb!


If you are a fashion geek for sure you have heard of John Varvatos. Initiated in 2000, John Varvatos has a varying collection of products including John Varvatos Collection, John Varvatos * USA, Converse by John Varvatos, - clothese for guys and girls, John Varvatos Eyewear and John Varvatos SKIN and fragrance. His superb designs have also earned him several awards and recognition, making him one of the best in the fashion industry.

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Flaunting it at AMO Fashion Model Audition

Fashion shows always are and have always been attention getters. This fashion show being organized by IU Apparel Merchandising Organization will certainly be no exception. They are aiming to carry the glitz and glam of Paris fashion runways into their very own doorstep in the upcoming annual fashion show on April 12, which they themed as “Sweet Dreams: A Sugar High Fantasy”. Said fashion show will be held at the Alumni Hall.

Such a major event deserves all the preparations it can get so you’ll probably understand why even as early as Tuesday – that would be today, Apparel Merchandising Organization or AMO is paving the way of its success. From 7-9 P.M. AMO would be holding model auditions in the McNutt Flame Room.

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Bangs all the way this Spring!

reese witherspoon & cool bangs

How about a new hair-do this spring? ... try something that's trendy & hot ...
Let's see, the biggest hair-do for Spring 2007 are Bangs!
It's simple, yet cool & sophisticated!
Bangs are an instant tune-up to any hair style! That's what famous hair stylist to the stars Kevin Paves says about bangs.
So, get yourself down to your beauty parlor & ask for a Bang!
Get a super short bang, or an angled one, or maybe a side swept one ... they'll accentuate your best features & frame your face ... They will make a Big Bang!
Hollywood stars like Reese Witherspoon sported bangs this season & they look smashing ... & so will you!

Mintee Jewelry - Necklaces & Bracelets

mintee jewelry

It's amazing how much the human body interacts with nature ... Even semi precious stones & wood effect the human psyche in ways we might never really pay attention to.
Mintee Jewelry is all about that ... It doesn't only accentuate your beauty, but your spirit & compassion as well.
What's even more interesting is that three percent of each product sold goes to supporting projects within women organization.
The Jewelry is made of beads from India, made from Sandalwood, pearls & gemstones. In addition to other materials that are said to have meditative & medicinal purposes.

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Be Captivated with Dior Pretty Charms

Dior Charms

If you can’t get enough of the trinkets you see on shop windows, maybe you should try the Designer labels. For sure you’ll find something you’d like if you looked hard enough . . . and without spending a lot of cash. This is what I did and look what I found from Dior – the Dior Pretty Charms for $55!

It is just so pretty that I can’t help myself from sharing it with you. It even makes me glad just to look at it, seeing its lovely design of polished silver metal heart-shaped locket adorned with delicate crystal pearl drops appended on a round link chain. What more if you can get to use it? From being a charm, the heart-shaped locket opens to reveal lipstick and silvery gloss. If you forgot to bring your lipstick no fear so long as you have this Dior Charm!

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Stunning Zirconia Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings

It is always nice to have the suitable kind of accessory and jewelry for every type of outfit that you wear. Using the appropriate accessories will let make more impact. For jewelry, the stud type of earrings almost never comes amiss in any type of occasion, whether you‘re in for a casual or elegant look, don’t you think so? Well, if you do then maybe you’ll love this Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings Stunning.

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Gucci Bamboo Watch

Gucci Watch

Almost every one of us would give everything just to get our hands on the thing we want most. What kind of things? Designer items for one. Certainly if its one of these Gucci watches for example, for sure you’d just cry your heart out if you can’t get a hold of one of these. The Gucci Bamboo Watch is one of the latest designs by this label. If you want it better get one while it’s hot.

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Give and Get, Love at First Glow from J LO

Love at First Glow

Have you ever been in love? Sounds like a title of a song huh. Well for sure every one of us has been in love at some point in our lives . . . and maybe even as I write this you are in a high for being in love. So, why not add a bit more in order to make it an all-time high. That can be done with J LO’s Love at First Glow Eau de Toilette Spray. J LO? . . . That’s right your eyesight is deceiving you. This bottled scent is from Jennifer Lopez’s line of perfumes being marketed by various enterprises including Victoria’s Secret – that’s where I discovered it.

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Swarovski Rhodium Illusion Necklace

Swarovski Rhodium Illusion Necklace

Wearing jewelry has always been a part of our apparel, especially in women. Some even feel naked if they don’t have their earrings or necklaces on. Here’s another piece of jewelry that will brighten up even your everyday attire. The Swarovski Rhodium and Multi Beaded Illusion Necklace is a wonderful piece that will definitely look great on your neck. The way it is designed with a cluster of beads on one side will make your neck and throat look more graceful and delicate indeed. No matter what dress you are wearing, this necklace will add up to your style.

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Juicy Couture’s Chic Anguila Eyelet Wedge

Anguila Eyelet Wedge

Need a new pair of superbly fashionable shoes? The Anguila Eyelet Wedge may be just what you are looking for. Sandals are always good but there are times when you don’t feel like exposing your toes. So this particular footwear will be just right for you.

Looking at this pair of shoes, you will certainly see how exquisitely it has been crafted. The white eyelet vamp and 4.5” raffia-covered wedge heel braided with golden metallic thread are just the right combination for achieving a very classy look. The cotton eyelet material that makes up the vamp is simple yet extremely attractive, made even more eye-catching by the ribbon trim and ribbon bow accent on top. It’ll be comfortable to wear because of the leather lining and padded leather insole.

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