Natalie Portman: A Delicate Beauty in New Miss Dior Ad

Natalie Portman has a new ad for famous brand Dior! Itís unlike anything youíve ever seen her in! The new commercial for Miss Dior perfume shows Natalie doing different poses in different settings.

Natalie Portman Miss Dior Ad

The video entitled Miss Dior Ė La vie en rose shows Natalie frolicking in a fountain as a guy comes near and takes her in his arms. Not content with the water fountain, Natalie is soon seen swimming in a pool and take this, with her sunglasses on!

Photos from Natalie Portman Miss Dior Perfume Commercial

Photos Natalie Portman Miss Dior Ad

While riding in a top-down, Natalie shares a kiss with her man. And then sheís seen lying down in a bed of roses. Sheís also seen sharing another torrid kiss with her handsome leading man.

This latest Miss Dior ad is directed by Sofia Coppola. Itís the second time for the two to work together for Miss Dior.

As usual, Natalie looks splendid in this new Miss Dior ad!

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