Yoko Ono Launches Daring Menswear Collection

Are there men daring enough to buy and wear Yoko Ono’s menswear collection? I say daring because Yoko’s collection is anything but ordinary!

Yoko Ono Menswear Collection

The menswear collection called “Fashion for Men: 1969-2012” created in partnership with Opening Ceremony contains raunchy pieces of clothing, if you can still call them that. The 52-piece collection includes pants with huge handprints over the crotch, jock strap with LED light, butt hoodie and pants with cutouts behind! And there’s even a lightbulb bra! Huh? Do men wear bra these days?

Anyway, Yoko revealed that this collection is a kind of tribute to her late husband John Lennon’s “hot bod.” She said she was inspired by how he was looking great and so she sketched some designs for clothing and accessories and gave it to him as a wedding present in 1969.

The menswear collection only materialized when Opening Ceremony took an interest in the sketches after she did a book signing with them.

So, I now have to ask you guys, would you dare to wear Yoko’s fashions for men?

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