Viva by Fergie is About Power and Seduction

Will Fergieís third perfume Viva prove to be a winner as the first two? It definitely looks like it!

Viva by Fergie

Like her first two perfumes for the world-famous brand Avon, Viva depicts the great qualities of a strong woman, a woman who lives life by her own rules, a woman who is powerful yet seductive at the same time!

Viva captures these essences in its mixture made up of mint, lavender, spices, flowers and vetiver. All these flavors combined bring out a fresh and floral scent that is distinct from other fragrances out there.

These qualities are clearly illustrated in the perfumeís ad that shows Fergie standing at the foot of a staircase wearing a tight black mini dress and a white blazer as she stares fearlessly into the camera. Some guys in the background couldnít help themselves from staring. Thatís clearly power and seduction in one package!

Viva by Fergie will be released in Spring and can be purchased as 50ml Eau de Parfum, 150ml body lotion and 75ml body spray. Be sure to watch out for it!

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