Kristen Stewart Loves Just Un Clou Bangle

Celebrities never do without a piece of jewelry each time they hit the red carpet. But sometimes they donít really need layers and layers of bling; one piece is enough as long as itís the right choice. Take for example Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart Un Clou Bangle

I noticed that she keeps her accessories to the minimum during red carpet events and one of her favorite accessories is the white gold Cartier Juste un Clou bangle! Itís a simple-looking accessory but it went well with Kristenís outfits on different occasions. Sheís worn it several times already.

Juste un Clou actually means ďJust a NailĒ in English. As you can see it really is designed like a nail. It features a center hinge that serve as fastener. The top part of the bangle is where the head and the end of the nail meet.

Though the Juste un Clou is simple-looking, itís enough to add pizzazz to an outfit!

Only those who have $6,575 spare cash will be able to experience the goodness this accessory brings.

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