AMA 2012 Worst Dressed Celebrities

Itís time to round up the celebrities who missed hitting the mark during the American Music Awards on Sunday. Are you ready? The first worst-dressed to catch my eye was Christina Aguilera in her super tight white and purple gown by Pamela Roland. Her boobs were practically spilling out of the dress and it wasnít a pretty sight.

Worst Dressed Celebrities AMA 2012

Nicki Minaj too didnít hit it well in her very bright yellow/green gown. The colorís quite distracting and it didnít suit her at all.

I canít quite understand the look that Jordin Sparks was hoping for in her patchwork dress. There was too much going on in the design that the person wearing it was hardly noticeable! I donít know if this is right but I think Jordin blended with her outfit.

Jordin Sparks and Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington too didnít hit it well in her yellow Stella McCartney dress. It looked like she was wearing a curtain or something. Her peach Christian Louboutin shoes wasnít a good match to the outfit as well which made things even worse.

Donít know if you agree with my list but who do you think were the worst dressed?

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