Heidi Klumís Six Versace Dresses at the 2012 MTV EMAs

Supermodel Heidi Klum played host during the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday in Frankfurt in her home country Germany. And for her hosting gig, Heidi made sure that she stays on top especially in terms of fashion that she had six outfit changes during the awards show!

Heidi Klum Versace dresses

I guess that being a supermodel sheís used to quick outfit changes and she did the six without breaking a sweat! If Heidi was the one who picked all the outfits, she definitely has excellent taste because all of them looked fabulous, though some were quite daring. If you saw the show then Iím sure you know what I mean.

Anyhow, which of the six Versace outfits did you think looked the best? Her first outfit was a studded blue outfit with a revealing bodice and super high slit. Her cleavage was in full show in this dress. She matched this dress with a pair of strappy blue bootie.

She also donned a white dress with woven top and ruffled skirt. She accessorized it with black gloves and a top hat. There was also another blue outfit. This oneís of tie dye design, backless and has a thigh-high slit too.

She also took to the stage wearing a daring, floor-length yellow ensemble with cut-outs and deep-plunging neckline that revealed a lot of her boobs. This outfit featured leather accents and studs.

She also wore tow short dresses. One is an orange dress with black lace accents, which she wore as she sat on a swing over the stage. She paired it up with fishnet stocking and gladiator-style boots. The other one looks like a mixture of lace and leather.

All of Heidiís chosen Versace dresses look fabulous! Iím having a difficult time choosing the best one but I think Iíll go for the first outfit, the daring blue dress with studs. What about you?

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