2012 MTV EMAs Worst Dressed Celebrities

Yesterday we rounded up the celebrities who shone above the rest at the 2012 MTV EMAs in Frankfurt Germany. And now, I think itís only fair to point out who missed in terms of fashion. Iím sure that if you saw the show, youíve also rounded up a worst-dressed list of your own. If thatís the case, letís compare notes!

Loreen and Isabeli Fontana

On top of our list is singer Loreen who showed up in a crumpled outfit! Looking at her photo, I really canít understand what kind of look she was aiming for with the full and pleated but rumpled skirt, which she matched with an open leather jacket. And whatís that white substance on her neck? Powder? Her hair was a mess too! All I can say is yikes! Sheía really one of the worst-dressed celebrities Iíve ever seen!

Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana who showed up in a skintight black jumpsuit with tassels outfit in our number two! She looked like someone who was going to attend a rodeo and not a prestigious awards event. The silver studs in her outfit just made it look even more garish!

Pixie Geldof and Kim Kardashian MTV EMAs 2012

Pixie Geldof was perhaps aiming for a simple but elegant look with her colorful dress but Iím sorry to say she failed!

Perhaps Kim Kardashian thought sheíd shine in her chosen Stephane Rolland dress but she thought wrong. Instead of making the dress look elegant, the long train simply made it seem gaudy and cheap. Sorry Kim your usually impeccable fashion sense has failed you!

So, is our worst dressed celebrity list similar to yours?

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