Wave Wet Patches Goodbye with M&S Dri-Guard Shirts!

M&S Dri-Guard Shirts

You might be thankful and happy about the warmth of the summer sun but some of your friends might not be! See, along with the summer sun is the sweltering heat that can make anyone sweat like pig! But what’s worse is smelling like one because of the heat! But M&S has good news for men who are susceptible to excessive sweating during summer!

The new shirt called Dri-Guard is a sweat-resistant piece of clothing that men can wear to stay dry even while out in the sun all day. Men can say goodbye to embarrassing wet patches in the armpits and embarrassing smell thanks to the Dri-Guard shirt! This is possible because of the shirt’s special “Smartweave” technology. Believe it!

Curious how the “Smartweave” technology works? First of all the fabric works by extracting perspiration away from the skin and into the inner fabric. Once that happens, the sweat is dispersed into the air as vapor. Moisture also appears on the outer fabric as a part of the process. Through this, wet patches as well as discoloration are prevented.

Guys if you have sweat problems this Dri-Guard shirt by M&S is worth checking out! You can choose from four long sleeve and four short sleeve styles. The former costs £29.50 while the latter is £27.50 apiece.

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