Princess Dianaís Fabulous Gowns to Go on Exhibit

Princess Diana Gowns

Princess Diana was one of the style icons when she was alive. She made statements with the fabulous gowns she wore at major events. Even though itís been years since Princess Di passed away, the fabulous gowns she wore still live on!

If youíve been dreaming to see some of them, youíre in luck! An exhibition of her designer gowns will open on March 26 at the Kensington Palace. This event is a part of Kensington Palaceís restoration for Queen Elizabethís Diamond Jubilee.

This exhibit is like a once in a lifetime chance so be sure you donít miss it if youíre in the UK. Some of the fantastic gowns to be put on display include the Catherine Walker gown composed of red and purple fabric. Princess Di wore this during an official visit to Thailand in 1988.

Thereís also the beaded black and white Belville Sassoon cocktail dress and the little black dress by Versace which she wore to the Apollo 13 film premiere in London.

But the highlight of the whole collection is the black taffeta floor-length gown by Elizabeth and David Emmanuel. She wore this during her first official engagement at the Royal Opera House in 1981.

Take note, March 26! Donít miss this chance to see Princess Diís fabulous gowns!

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