Rihanna to Pursue Her Own Fashion Line!


If there’s one thing that lots of celebrities know, it’s fashion! Aside from their craft it is, without a doubt, what they’re most familiar with since they need it in almost every major event. So it’s really no surprise now when celebrities decide to try their hands in design. Rihanna is the latest celeb who wants to try her skills in designing too!

She revealed her plans during her interview with Ryan Seacrest. She said she wants to design and is pursuing a line of her own. In working towards this goal, Riri is working with designers as well as fashion companies that she respects.

She wasn’t to establish her reputation in the fashion industry and create trust among customer first before she tells them to buy her products

She has collaborated with famous brand Emporio Armani for two capsule collections of underwear and jeans. They’ve just finished their second collection and once it’s launched Riri will be focusing on her own fashion line.

She did not say exactly what kind of clothes she’ll be designing but I think it’s going to be bold creations, just like the ones she’s been wearing lately.

Would you Buy Riri’s clothing collection when it comes out?

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