Bar Rafaeli is Picture-Perfect in Passionata Lingerie Campaign

If Bar Rafaeli looks awesome in it, would you but it? Even if you donít really feel like buying new lingerie, the way Bar shows off her supermodel body in the 2012 Passionata Lingerie campaign will make you want to! And for the guys, for sure youíll want to make your partner wear them too!

With her blonde hair teased into curls, Bar tries seductive, demure, and carefree poses while wearing the sexy Passionata Lingerie pieces. Thereís one photo where she appears to be a sexy sailor with a sailor cap and red scarf complementing her white and blue lingerie.

And then she becomes a fishing aficionado while wearing sexy pink underwear. There are pictures where sheís wearing a skirt as she sits on a bike.

Pink, brown, black and white undergarments made of high-quality and sexy lace complement Barís body to perfection! Aside from being sexy, they look quite comfy as well, a quality that the 26-year-old is a firm believer of.

Will you try the 2012 Passionata Lingerie collection?

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