Tom Ford Unveils $3,000 Eyewear!

Tom Ford

Fashionistas who want to look super chic would definitely want to have one of Tom Ford's latest creations. Can you guess what it is? It's the "Special Edition Optical Eyewear Collection" which costs a jaw-dropping $2,950! That's right it is that expensive.

There are actually two styles to choose from which are made of high-quality gold-plated metal and water buffalo horn on the frontand the tips of the temple. Both are inspired by the 1950s look.

But what makes this Tom Ford eyewear so expensive? It is made of gold and ater buffalo horn! The frames are the perfect representation of fabrication in eyewear. The eyewear themselves are not the only thing that's awesome. Tom Ford made sure that the box is an eye-cather too! It comes with a Bakelite box with a soft brown lining.

Since these glasses are very expensive, they need to be cleaned and maintained well that's why Tom Ford accompanied it with a special cleansing cream and chamois cloth.

But tell me, would you spend $2,950 on an eyewear?

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