Ke$ha Shows Off Gold-Studded Head!


Wow itís like everyone these days is getting a hairstyle that will make a statement! The latest to show up with new hair were Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. And now, Ke$ha is at it too! But her method is very different.

Itís not just a cut or coloring; she replaced some of the hair on her left temple with gold studs! I think itís glued on because I donít think thereís any other way to let it stay in place.

The hair piece is actually a huge one so thereís no way anyoneís going to miss it, as Ke$ha intended it to be.

The pop star showed off the new look on Twitter last Tuesday with the post ďI[t]s happening.Ē

The new look is probably a preparation for her 25th birthday which is today!

What do you think of Ke$haís gold studded head? Hip or cheap?

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