2012 Golden Globes Worst-Dressed Celebrities

Golden Globes Worst-Dressed Celebrities

Since weíve come up with the best-dressed list, itís only fair to round up the opposite of the equation: the worst-dressed celebrities at the Golden Globes.

Our top-notcher is Piper Perabo who wore a massive satin ball gown to the event! Itís a piece from Theyskenís Thoery collection. I honestly donít know what she was thinking when she picked that one! The top is unremarkable and the skirt is quite cumbersome and shapeless.

Kelly Osbourne is another worst-dressed celebrity. Her blue mermaid gown with its massive tail didnít work well at all. Just take a look at those appalling shoulder pads! Her gray hair didnít help matters either. Her overall look was of a grandma whoís trying so hard to look glammed up! Sorry Kelly.

Amanda Peet also looked awful in her white tiered gown. The one-shoulder number didnít do anything positive to her figure. I think it would look so much better on the beach and not at a major red carpet event. Or perhaps it would look better covering your windows. What do you think?

Newly-engaged Jessica Biel usually looks glamorous at red carpet events but not this time. She missed the mark with her white, lacy Elie Saab gown. It covered her up from head to foot and even though it has a thigh-high slit. She looked like a bride heading to her wedding!

And last but not the least is American model Erin Wasson. If she was vying for attention she definitely succeeded with her barely-there outfit if you can still call it that. It was but strips of black fabric! Obviously she didnít have a bra on and her black undies are quite visible! Trashy thatís what she looked like.

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