Megan Fox A Flawless Beauty in Armani Ad

Megan Fox Armani Ad

I love Megan Foxís new ad for Armani! No itís not an ad for underwear; Rihanna has taken over that department. But this latest Armani gig is so much better for Megan! The focus is not on her body this time but on her beautifully flawless face!

Meganís face is the front of Armaniís cosmetics campaign for Christmas. The makeup sheís endorsing is from the brandís 1930ís-inpired Madre Perla range. Obviously the range looks awesome on her!

The former Transformers star channels classic glamour with her curled hair and deep red lips. The metallic silver and blue eye makeup highlights her beautiful blue eyes even more. Her one-shoulder black dress perfectly complements her flawlessly made-up face.

But wait! Thereís another look for the Christmas campaign. The second one is a more demure look with nude lipstick and light eye makeup.

Iíd definitely buy Armaniís Christmas cosmetic range if I can look good as Megan!

This Armani ad is a masterpiece! What do you think?

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