Betsey Johnson and Her Too Too Fragrance!

Too Too Fragrance

Sometimes when you can’t find the words to describe something over-the-top, all you can say is just “too too” isn’t that right? Well now, that term has gained a new significance! Too Too is now a name of a designer fragrance! Quirky fashion designer Betsey Johnson launched her Too Too fragrance as a mark of her 69th birthday!

Too Too is a fruity-floral scent that is composed of passion-fruit, mandarin, ginger, strawberry leaves, jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood. Johnson said that there are three ingredients that make the fragrance stand out and the guys pay attention and they are black vanilla, pink musk, and Bulgarian rose.

Aside from the scent, another stand-out factor in the Too Too is its packaging. It comes in a circular container and has a curvaceous figure on top dressed in a pink and black tutu, and fish net. This packaging has a big significance to Johnson, “My costume was almost the same as the bottle when I danced the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Can-Can, and Cabaret.”

And take note that Too Too was launched with much frivolity! It was unveiled at the Milk Gallery amidst pink furnishings, flowers, and ballerinas.

Too Too will be available exclusively from Sephora in October for $42 to $82. Do you want to smell like Too Too?

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