Natalie Portman is Flawless in Diorskin

Natalie Portman

Back in March, Natalie Portman said on the record that she would not be associated with John Galliano in any way after his anti-Semitic rants. Some assumed that Natalie wonít be working with Dior brand since Galliano worked there too. However, Dior chose to axe Galliano from their employ so itís safe for Natalie to continue working for the brand.

And itís a good thing that Natalieís still with Dior otherwise their new ad for Diorskin Forever range might not have been this great. The new adís been released and we see in it Natalie and her flawless and radiant skin.

Diorskin Forever is composed of two products: Diorskin Forever Compact and Diorskin Forever Fluid. These contain Skin Essence that provides the nourishment that the sin needs. They also contain elements that promote cell renewal for fresh-looking skin!

You can purchase Diorskin Forever starting October 3, 2011. The Diorskin Forever Compact will cost £35.50 while the Forever Fluid will cost £29.50.

Natalie looks fantastic in the new ad doesnít she?

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