Vanessa Hudgens Flirts in New Candies Ad!

Vanessa Hudgens Candies Ad

Vanessa Hudgens first campaign for teen fashion brand Candies was so successful that the company is having her in their new campaign. Vanessa was all sugar and spice and everything nice in her first campaign for Candies, but now it’s all about being sexy and flirty!

In the latest ad, Vanessa lives up to Candies’ rules or Candie’s-ism’s like “Candie’s girls believe you can do anything in heels.” Take for example that photo where she irons a pair of pants wearing heels and a purple bra and panties! Also check out that bubble gum in her mouth.

After ironing Vanessa finds herself in a relaxed pose on the bed wearing the same purple bra and sexy gray shorts.

All that ironing must have tired her out that’s why she rummaged the fridge wearing a pink tube blouse and black shorts. She seems to have so much fun doing it too!

The new Candies campaign also showcases Vanessa wearing cute floral dress and a knitted wrap and amazing black and gray stilettos. Great jeans, vests, shoes and accessories are also includes in this campaign!

The new Candies campaign and merchandise will be available this fall. Check out Kohl’s for the pieces!

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