Eye Liner for Perfect Eyes from Too Faced

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eye Liner Pencil

Applying eye liner is not an easy task for everyone ... and then you've got the smudging and slipping and other accidents ... but with Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eye Liner, you can forget about all of the above and have fun with the creamy, waterproof formula that makes applying eye liner a piece of cake!

So, what's it all about?
The eye liner pencil is easy to use and comes with a flexi-firm smudger that allows you to make that smokey, smudgy effect when intended!
The formula is creamy and free of parabens and paraffins.
I have to mention that it's also waterproof, allowing for 8 hours of perfect wear.
The eye liner comes in 6 colors; black, brown, charcoal, purple, teal and dark plum.
I personally like the brown and adore both the purple and plum.
As for price wise, the pencil will cost you $18 if you get it from Too Faced website.

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