Rihanna Keeps it Casual in Air Zenyth Sneakers

Rihanna Air Zenyth Sneakers

Songstress Rihanna was spotted with a sweet pair of sneakers when she made her way through the LAX airport in Los Angeles, California. She was dressed casually in sweats and glasses. However, no one can fail to notice her sneakers that just seemed to glow under the flash of the cameras.

According to my research, her shoes are the Air Zenyth Sneakers by Nike. I must say Riri made a great choice because Nike is one of the best brands when it comes to shoes.

The Air Zenyth Sneakers not just great eye candies, they are also quite comfy to use. It features considered design for high performance and low environment impact. For sure comfort, it has synthetic upper and self lace closure.

Users wonít feel pressure in their foot if they have these on because it has thick rubber soles. Thereís no fear of slipping even if they are on nicely polished surfaces since the sole offers excellent traction.

If you are thinking of getting a new pair of sneakers, make an excellent choice like Rihanna with the Air Zenyth by Nike.

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