A Whiff of Romance with Love Blossoms

Love Blossoms

Want to smell like flowers and peaches this summer? You should try Kate Moss’ new fragrance “Love Blossoms.” By its name alone, you can clearly deduce that its scent is made for a special woman like you! By the way, I should tell you that this is a limited edition scent, so when you have the chance you better get one for yourself while you can!

This fragrance associates with the sentiment of love, joy, and hope which are very positive nuances.

Upon opening the bottle you will be enticed by the flavors of pink pepper, lily, and peach. And as you delve deeper into the scent, your senses will open up even more to Egyptian jasmine, peony and frangipani. The scent flourishes to its full potential with the vanilla sorbet and patchouli base.

Kate Moss’ “Love Blossoms” has a very attractive packaging with its pink and black motif. This fragrance is available in 30 ml Eau de Toilette for around $24.

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