Marc Jacobs’ Fabulous Show at Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs doesn’t scrimp when it comes to Fashion Week. But I think this year the designer upped the ante by going all out in terms of production. According to New York Times, Marc Jacobs’ one-night production cost $1 million! And it showed because the show was as grand as could be. Wow.

The dresses and pieces showcased at the runway were all awesome as well! They’re must-haves for fashionistas. His Fall/Winter collection include calf length skirts, knits, long-sleeve shirt dresses, printed tights, tweeds, velvet ties, and fur trimmed coats! There were cute berets as well that ladies would find lovely to wear in the colder season ahead.

The colors range from camel, mustard, bottled green to burnt orange. Since people’s color preferences vary. Others love bold colors while others shy away from them.

The pieces showcased by Marc Jacobs at the Fashion Week runway are practical ones that men and women can wear any time.

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