Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Launched!


Victoria’s Secret has unveiled a new fragrance! Ladies I’m sure this new scent is something that you will love. Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell” was unveiled with so much fanfare at their store located in The Grove Shopping Center in Los Angeles.

Three lovely and sexy Victoria’s Secret angels helped make the event happen! Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge, and Candice Swanepoel were similarly dressed in black shorts and white and pink striped strapless top. These three are the perfect epitome of “Bombshell.”

“Bombshell” is a basically a fruity-floral scent. Hmm, I love it already! At its base are the Shangri-la Yellow Peony, Purple Passionfruit, and Vanilla Orchid. Giving it the very essence of what a bombshell should be is the Italian Sunstruck Pine.

All these combined creates an aroma that exudes femininity, glamour, and confidence, just like what a bombshell is supposed to be!

You won’t be disappointed in terms of packaging. The faceted pink glass just brings home the femininity of the scent. Embellishing the glass topper is a black bow with the brand’s logo on it.

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