Luxurious Isabella Rossellini Handbag Collection by Bulgari

Isabella Rossellini Handbag by Bulgari

Bulgari has a new handbag collection if you’d care to check. The Isabella Rossellini Handbag Collection is pure elegance and luxury that will surely hit it right with the fashionistas of this world. The handbags composing this collection are all handmade in Bulgari’s shop located in Florence Italy. The materials used in making them include pony hair, calfskin, and patent leather.

The collection is actually a tribute to one of the style icons of today and that is none other than Isabella Rossellini. She is a model, an actress, and also formerly the face of the brand Lancome.

To create the luxurious collection that embody her style and personality, Isabella worked closely with Bulgari designers. All the designs and prints used in the bags are perfect embodiments of Rossellini’s elegant and unique style. And to imprint more of her personality on the bags, Rossellini used her snail sketches on the linings of the all the bags.

Based on the pictures, the bags really look great! Their prices, however, range from $1,700 to $2,600.

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