Pamper Your Nails with Revlonís Scented Nail Polish

Revlon Scented Nail Polish

Hereís something new to make your nails not only look good but smell good too! Revlon has come up with a special line of scented nail polishes that you can use this summer! Well, if youíre a Revlon woman you probably know this is the second time that this beauty provider has come up with the idea.

Anyway, the nail polishes look great once theyíre applied. Their scent also makes them almost good enough to eat! It might promote nail biting, so be warned!

The new scented line is composed of various colors and flavours like Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Grapy Icy, Gum Drop, Orange Pop, Peach Smoothie, Orange Smoothie, and Ocean breeze. They all sound deliciously right for pampering your nails with!

Youíll be able to enjoy the delicious scent of any color and flavour you use for up to five days! Wow! Talk about enjoying the scent to the fullest.

Revlonís scented nail polish is definitely a change from the usual polish you use. Itís only available for the summer, so if I were you Iíd grab one now!

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