Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen Gown!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen Gown

Did you watch the Sex and the City premiere in London? The four ladies definitely got all glammed up for the red carpet. But among them, my favorite outfit was the one worn by Sarah Jessica Parker! She wore a splendid black strapless gown by the late designer Alexander McQueen. The other ladies were wearing great gowns as well but for me, SJP’s stood out.

At first look her gown seems heavy, but as they say, appearance can be deceiving because SJP carried it off really well. The gown itself is a combination of black silk and nude bustier. It is actually from Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 2008 line.

Her lace shoes were also Alexander McQueen creations, specifically from his pre-fall 2008 line.

It’s not only her gown that took everyone’s attention. On top of her head is a hat by Philip Treacy. It’s like a black cloud made from tulle.

SJP accessorized with a black armband embellished with Fred Leighton diamond clips.

SJP showed us once again her fearless approach to fashion. I simply adore her gown! Do you like it?

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