Smell like the Roses with Sheer Stella Perfume

Sheer Stella Perfume

Roses are not only beautiful, they smell wonderful too! These are the reasons why roses are the all-time favourites of women around the globe. If the rosesí scent is bottled would you buy it? I sure would that is why Iím including the Stella McCartney Sheer Stella perfume on my wish list!

Sheer Stella is blend of all kinds of roses including Celestial Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Rose Absolute, and Iranian Rose. For the perfect mix, these roses are fused with frosted lemon, green apple, and warm amber.

If you expect Sheer Stella to be overpowering, youíre wrong! In fact, the scent is very light and refreshing; must be because of the green apple and frosted lemon. It may be light, however, it will stay on the whole day! If you think of the perfume as an accessory then, Sheer Stella is an accessory youíll never lose!

Aside from the refreshing scent, another attraction of the Sheer Stella perfume is its packaging. The bottle is a masterpiece! Itís actually designed by Philip Jones, a British painter.

By the way, Sheer Stella costs $62.

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