Some Helpful Tips when Buying New Jeans

Jeans cuts

I donít ever venture out buying jeans on my own. When I buy one I make sure Iím accompanied because I really find it difficult to find one that has a great fit and one that makes me look good. I donít know about you, but getting the right fit is really a problem for me. If this is a problem for you as well, we can learn together! I made some research and got some tips that would be very useful when shopping for jeans! Take a look!

ē Donít just try the jeans on. Be sure to experience it; take time to walk, sit, stand while wearing them. Longer exposure will give you a better idea of how they will feel when worn for a longer time. Consider if the waistband, whether gapes or if it presses hard on your tummy.

ē If the jeans have a perfect fit and look on your butt then that is more than ok. If the hem is too long donít worry. That can be easily fixed by a tailor.
ē Check the pocketsí depth and see if their outline can already be seen. Pocketsí outline can make jeans seem less fashionable.
ē Consider the material of the jeans because some can shrink when washed, while others will stretch with time.

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