Feel Like a Princess in the Tuna Sandals

Tuna Sandals

Do you have that desire to feel like a princess? Maybe wearing transparent footwear just like the one Cinderella wore at the ball would help. Try the Tuna footwear by MINK shoes. Though the name is as unromantic as it can get, the whole appearance of this sandals is not. In fact, it shouts glamour from whichever angle you look at it. Its Lucite body is made in a glamorous flowing line. It has reinforced steel spine Lucite heel to provide you with secure and stable footing. This hand-crafted footwear features translucent vinyl foot and ankle straps that will make you feel like Cinderella walking amidst the crowd.

Once worn, this Tuna sandal will reflect sparkling blue light because all the outsole, straps, and heels are decorated with blue Swarovski crystals. This Tuna sandal is the perfect footwear if you’re going to attend gatherings that call for gowns and tux.
So, what can you say about the Tuna?

By the way, MINK shoes are custom-designed and made from non-animal products.

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