Stetson Hats: Spring Summer 2009

stetson hats

When it comes to hats and Western hats or Cowboy hats in particular, Stetson is a reference.
You may ask why? Well, the answer is simple, the first Cowboy hat was made back in 1865 by J.B. Stetson.
The fact is, Ain't no hat like a Stetson hat!

A good hat is a fashion accessory that gives out a certain image and gives out a certain impression.
Whether it's street wear, active wear or western, the new Stetson Spring Summer collection is trendy, chic and right on the dot for a strong and lasting impression.
The fabric used, whether silk, cotton, wool or straw, is from the highest quality.
The designs are simple but modern and eye-catching.
The price range is very reasonable, varying from $26 to $180.

Check out these few items from the Stetson Spring Summer 2009 collection.

stetson active wear
stetson street wear
stetson western wear

*If you're interested in Western hats and Cowboy hats, come back later for my next article about Stetson History and Cowboy hats.

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