Selena Gomez Lovely in Midnight Blue


Selena Gomez’ fashion has already been featured in our Dress of the Week, well hey she’s back this week. If you take a good look at the outfit she wore at the 23rd Annual Imagen Awards you’ll know that her dress is worthy to be featured as the Dress of the Week. Selena looked really charming as she walked down the red carpet last August 21. The outfit she had on was a Grecian-inspired midnight blue single shoulder dress. Looking closely you’ll notice the crisscrossed bodice and the charming flower-like shoulder strap. Below that the hem of her dress is also charmingly crisscrossed creating smooth folds as it goes up.

She paired up her dress with stylish pumps with a white front and nude satin sides. She had no other accessories on, but that’s a good thing because the whole focus is on her dress. The way her hair was tied loosely at the back with a wavy bangs cascading down her neck also gave more emphasis to her dress. Take a close look at her; aren’t you convinced that she looks really lovely and elegant?

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