Super-Stylish Monogramouflage Lys by Louis Vuitton

lv mono bag

It’s great to shop when there are new arrivals in any shop. One of the exciting brands to shop about in is Louis Vuitton. A new bag has just arrived for you. The Monogramouflage Lys is a new and very chic bag you’d die to have. Monogramouflage Lys is the end product of Louis Vuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami’s efforts. Serving as inspiration in making this piece is Murakami’s “Magic Ball.” The outcome of this collaboration is the bag made of denim canvas with leather trim with attractive shiny golden brass hardware.

To make it easy to carry are the flat canvas shoulder straps having logo-engraved link attachments. Monogrouflage Lys will never be mistaken for any other brand because of the lv-engraved nameplate right in front on a patent leather patch. To make its value worth even more, there’s a dangling nametag bearing the engraving “monogramouflage édition limitée takashi murakami louis vuitton.”

I’m telling you Monogramouflage Lys is a super stylish bag from Louis Vuitton. The only thing that just might discourage from getting this bag is its price because it costs $2,090.

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