New Madonna Small Boston Bag by Versace

versace bag

How would you like to have a bag named like pop sensation Madonna?
Versace came up with the New Madonna Small Boston Bag that you can use all year round. Itís a grand-looking bag. Well, what else can you expect? Itís a Versace!
Made of croc-stamped patent leather with ombre effect and on the sides is contrasting patent leather trim. Whatís very noticeable about this bag is its varying polished metal hardware on the sides, on the base of the handle. Thereís also the highly visible mirrored medusa logo plate in front of the bag.

This Versace New Madonna Small Boston Bag can only be hand carried. The handle is not long enough so you canít sling it over your shoulder. The opening is a zip top with locking Versace pull tab. When you access the interior, youíll find a lustrous satin lining. It is just a small bag, so the things you can carry in it are limited.
As a Versace creation, expect this New Madonna Small Boston Bag to be somewhat pricey ... $1,775 in fact!

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