Sunglasses with Translucent Frames are In!


I found a new trend for this summer. I always thought sunglasses with translucent frames are not cool, but hey, look at it now. Itís gaining popularity fast. While browsing the net, I saw a picture of Sienna Miller wearing one. Yup, even celebrities are getting attracted to it. The new sunglasses are really cute and colorful. If you browse the internet youíll find a huge selection in white, lavender, cornflower blue, amber, and yellow. Any of these colors would be great to wear this summer.

These sunglasses are somewhat on the expensive side since they are also made by known designers and are available in various stores. If you want to have one, you can try Moscot, Revolve Clothing, Topshop, Oak, LeeLee Lunettes, and Bird. Prices range from affordable $40 to steep $360. If these prices are beyond your reach, then maybe you can also find something more affordable.

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