Accessorize with Dsquared2 Wooden Necklace

Dsquared2 Wooden Necklace

From time to time my officemate brings some jewelry and accessories to the office. Sometimes I also can’t help but look at the goodies she brings. The ones she brings are usually silver. Silver is great but I usually see a lot of women wearing beaded necklaces, and I mean the really huge ones too! They are really eye catching. Beads are unique and I think wooden necklaces are very unique as well, like this Wooden Necklace by Dsquared2.

This Wooden Necklace is a unique combination of… yup you guessed it right, wood, and especially silver. The wood is crafted into discs and accented with round metal studs in the middle. The discs are also made with holes where the polished silver chain goes through linking them all. And the clasp looks beautiful…it’s an oversized “D2” logo hook and eye clasp.

This Wooden Necklace is an interesting accessory for me being a combination of native material and silver. This costs $225 if you’re interested.

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