Documentary Made about Fashion Icon Valentino


There is no doubt that Valentino is one the great icons in the fashion industry. His contributions in the fashion industry are endless and even now in his 45 years in the industry it is still one of the most recognized. A documentary of his interesting and highly successful career will be coming to the big screen. The documentary is entitled “Valentino: The Last Emperor.” This special is directed by Vanity Fair special correspondent Matt Tyrnauer. If you are an avid Valentino fan you’d have to watch out for this documentary since it will not only include his work but also his relationships and the people he had come across in his 45 years in the business. This will really be an encompassing film because Matt Tyrnauer spent about 2 years collecting the videos that will truly show the man and his craft.

The film will also be shown at the eve of Valentino’s last haute couture show next week January 23. The show will take place at the Rodin Museum in Paris’ Left Bank. Since it will be his last grand show, the collection looks very promising, that’s based on the statement made by a spokesman at the Valentino house, “It will be a grand collection, a grand show, somewhat unique with a lot of gowns.”

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