Katie Holmes Redeems Herself with Armani Dress

Katie Holmes at Mad Money Premiere

I’ve already laid my admiration for Katie Holmes in her choice of outfit. And she has done it again with the dress she wore for the premier of her movie Mad Money. This movie also includes Oscar winner Diane Keaton and nominee Queen Latifah. Anyway, I just love this dress Katie wore especially with its strapless design, which in my point of view is a grey/silver color that is accentuated by lots of beads. The whole design is actually just simple but mind you, it is oozing with class and sophistication! Well, it would be a shame if it did not, since it is an Armani dress. She looked really stunning at the premier that Tom Cruise just couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her. It’s sweet!

This time Katie made a great choice. If you witnessed the Critic’s choice Awards you’ll probably be as disappointed in her choice of outfit… which also made me think of a sack. By the way it was a Lanvin dress that’s supposed to give her a Grecian goddess look. See the pictures and compare. If she did not redeem herself with this outfit, maybe she’ll be forever remembered as the lady in a sack!

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