A Pair of Causse Golden Gloves

Causse Golden Gloves

There’s no doubt winter has a way of freezing up things that you need. It’s even harder and more inconvenient if it’s already those vital body parts that are becoming frozen…like your hands. And we all know how important our hand are that is why they need to be well protected and insulated to prevent getting frostbite. To mix protection and style here’s a great-looking and literally eye-catching gloves. This stylish number is created by popular French glove-maker Causse.

This pair of gloves is cute… well I find them so anyway. If it were that cold here in my place I’d surely be wearing them. The gold lambskin is accentuated by fur on top of it. These pair of gloves, or mitts as others call them, will surely keep your hands warm.

Causse makes these gloves by hand, employing a process that they have used for 100 years already and they are very stylish and practical. Winter will be around for sometime still so if you need hand protection, go for the golden mitts.

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