Sarah Jessica Parker Chooses PR Winning Outfit

The show went on after Simone Leblanc was removed from Project Runway. The remaining contestants were subjected to more rigorous challenges, making them always alert, their sewing paraphernalia always trimmed and ready. Last week the contestants were put on a big challenge because the one who wins will have his or her creation included in Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothing “Bitten”. The 14 contestants worked in tandem. For just $15 they are expected to produce a look that will go exactly with what the “Bitten” line is all about. The chosen outfit will be sold for a retail price of $40.

When judgment time came, the contestants showed different reactions as the judges criticized every one of their creations. A lot of them cried including Rickey Lizalde, Carmen Webber Chris March, Marion Lee, Sweet P and Christian Siriano. The one who did not get much criticism is winner Victorya Hong with her dress and vest. Lucky girl! At first look Sarah Jessica Parker loved it immediately. She’s very happy to have the winning design included in her “Bitten” collection.

It’s sad news though for Marion Lee fans because he’s the second one to say bye-bye from Project Runway.

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