Amber Ankle Strap Sandal by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Amber Strap Sandal

Previously, whenever I see super slim and pointed stiletto heels I canít help worrying for the person wearing them because I think they can be unstable at timesÖ Just imagine the kind of balancing you have to endure when walking on stilettos. However, if itís a stiletto-heeled footwear like this Amber Ankle Strap Sandal by Louis Vuitton hey you can bribe me! Iíd love to wear it no matter how hard it would be to walk in them. I think the prime highlight of this elegant sandal is the satin orchid accessory with the finely crafted LV logo at the center. Its quite eye-catching, donít you think so?

Amber Ankle Strap Sandal is made of high quality satin and metallic goat leather. Fine topstitching predominates this open toe sandal. With the two silver straps over the vamp and ankle strap with hammered palladium buckle, you can just wear it securely. Style and fine craftsmanship is evident not only on the easily seen part but also underneath with the metallic leather sole and satin insole. This will add 4Ē to your height, so if youíre already tall, youíll tower way above the rest of humanity. Louis Vuitton puts a $825 price on this.

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