Versace’s Elegant Cut-Out V Ring


A ring symbolizes a lot of things; like power, authority, magical powers and the most popular, love. There are the wedding rings, engagement rings, signet ring and just lately, there is also the friendship ring. This kind of jewelry can be worn in many different ways but the most widely known is the finger ring.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for her, check out this new $200.00 Versace Cut-Out V Ring. Made from a polished nickel-free golden metal with a rhinestone-encrusted V at the center, its unique design makes it a cut above the rest. It is also designed as a golden band with etched lines and Medusa engraving. Just the sight of its black Versace gift box will be enough to make her heart jump and anticipate what’s inside. There’s no need to wait for a special occasion coz anytime is a special time when two people make it so. If you’re a guy, go ahead, make your woman happy anytime…

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