Playtex Glow Lingerie to Take Center Stage at the Moonwalk Charity

How would you feel about using lingerie that glows in the dark? Well to some it may seem strange at first but well itís worth trying out one for a time. Like this Playtex brand of lingerie. This brand came up with a line of glow in the dark under things to be used in the 10th anniversary of the Moonwalk Charity. Contrary to what you are thinking it has nothing to do with going to the moon. Well, Iíll give a short account of what this Moonwalk is all about, but donít fall asleep. This Moonwalk Charity was started 10 years ago and Nina Barough and 12 of her friends marched in the New York Marathon wearing their bras in order to come up with funds to be used for Breast Cancer Research. Needless to say, the walk has been a huge success, and from its first occurrence it has raised almost $27 million.

For the Moonwalk Charityís 10th year anniversary, an estimated 15,000 walkers will be participating, and each of them wearing the embellished bras. To make a greater impact the Moonwalk Charity will be joined by actress Lisa Faulkner and GMTV star Kate Garraway who will be wearing the Playtex glow in the dark lingerie.

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